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  • All controls on front corner of chute for one-man operation.
  • Retractable squeeze arm allows safe, unrestricted, movement around chute by operator.
  • Steel cables synchronize headgate movement with 180 degree swing.
  • Hinged dropbars on both sides of chute with foolproof gravity latches.
  • Steel floor with floor cleats for sure footing
  • WW Yoke Trailers fit all WW Squeeze Chutes

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Beefmaster Standard

Length 92"
Width 41"
Height 78"
Weight 1265#

The Beefmaster XL-2VG has all the well-designed features of the Standard Beefmaster but has extra length to accommodate 22" rear entry gates on both sides for Palpating or Al Work.

Beefmaster XL-2VG

Length 114"
Width 41"
Height 78"
Weight 1390#



Gates have spring-loaded latches for positive locking in both cross alley and closed positions. Working area is an ample 32" x 44" size. When reversed, the WW Palpation Cage is an efficient sorting unit.

The Beefmaster XL Straight Chute has all the well-designed features of the Standard Beefmaster but has extra length to accommodate larger animals. Full length sidegates have 5 dual dropbars with a 19" x 25" opening. Extra bracing compensates for extra length and guarantees structural strength that allows the larger animals to be handled properly.

Beefmaster XL Straight

Length 114"
Width 41"
Height 78"
Weight 1390#

Beefmaster Headgate

The unique design of the Beefmaster Headgate allows the forward motion of the animal to actually help the operator secure the animal in the working position. Full length opening allows the animal to stand relaxed with no danger of choking . Head bars are available as an option. Headgate is 6' tall.

Scissor Headgate

  • Animal can "walk" through the headgate, eliminating the risk of injury (compare this feature to most of the competition where animals are required to "jump" through the headgate to exit).
  • Light enough for one man to handle, yet designed and fabricated from quality material tough enough to handle even the strongest animal.
  • The WW Scissor Headgate is interchangeable with the WW Beefmaster Self-Catch Headgate.
  • The Scissor Headgate is suitable for horned cattle.
  • This full opening design, plus sheet metal covering to limit the animal's vision to only the opening, encourages the animal to enter the headgate with minimal effort and stress. The short stroke control handle gives the quick action needed to catch the problem animals.







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